A Disappointing Burger

The San Francisco ferry terminal is a lovely building, with a variety of specialty food stores.  I would have loved to have explored it more, but unfortunately I was three thousand miles away from my kitchen, and only had time for lunch.  After reviewing all the options, I settled on the Roasted Garlic Burger from American Eatery: Image


If I’m going to spend more than $11 for a burger, it better be a great burger.  Unfortunately, it was quite forgettable.

There was simply no taste to any of the ingredients.  If the mayo had bacon flavor, I couldn’t taste it.  No sign of caramelized onions.  The cheddar had no taste.  It was meat on a bun.  McDonalds cheeseburgers taste better, I can get about five for the same price.

Of course, the best burger I’ve had recently was at Umami Burger in Redondo Beach:



Nearly carpaccio style beef, shiitake mushrooms and a parmesan crisp.  For about the same price.  It didn’t blow my mind, but it was a pretty good burger.  One I was happy to spend $10 for.  I may spend the $3 it would take me to recreate it in the near future.


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