For my sous chef

This will be my first recipe post, so it will be a bit longer and more complicated than the others.  Chicken Cacciatore (“hunter’s chicken”) is an italian braised chicken dish.  I make it all the time, but twice recently I decided to experiment with some ideas from Giada De Laurentiis’ recipe:

20140628_141900 20140628_144311

The first time I made the recipe exactly as written.  The pictures are of the second time, which is a hybrid of my recipe and Giada’s.  She must really like capers, because I found them to be a bit strong in her version, and cut them in half in mine.  They do add a really interesting twist to the sauce, though.  I also cook mine quite a bit longer than hers (2-3 hours).  I also only use chicken thighs, and added carrots.  Her base is more of a sofrito than a mirepoix, which is what I’ve traditionally used.


I also usually add bay leaves.   Once the sauce is done simmering, I separate it with a gravy separator, discard the fat, thicken the juice with corn starch and water, and add the vegetables and chicken back.  Here’s the finished result:


The sauce has a lovely, complex taste, and the chicken is nicely browned and flavored.








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