Six Penn

Normally, I’m a huge fan of Six Penn Kitchen.  It’s conveniently located downtown near our offices, and when I had a new hire on Monday, I decided to take him somewhere nice for lunch.  The food there is generally excellent.  Unfortunately, on Monday, I chose to have the “special”:


It’s a gorgeous dish.  The salmon was cooked beautifully.  However, in my personal opinion, the rest of the dish is completely broken.  The cream sauce was reasonable enough, but the rice was billed as risotto.  Salmon over risotto sounded good, but the risotto obviously hadn’t been cooked long enough and was … cooked rice.  If it had been creamy, maybe it would have worked with the cream sauce, but the taste and texture was distinct enough to make it “salmon and rice with cream sauce” which is wandering off into “things that don’t work together” territory.  Adding green onions and seared tomatoes … tomatoes?  Cream sauce? Rice? Salmon?  TOGETHER??  No.  Just no.

Individually, the components were excellent tasting and expertly prepared.  But I thought the dish itself showed a lack of understanding of the ingredients and how they could work together.


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