Easy Dill Sauce

Dinner tonight was broiled salmon, steamed asparagus, and dill sauce.  Many of my recipes are very complicated, but this one is extremely easy.  I’ve been making it for years and years.  Actually, it’s almost decades, plural, now.

Broil salmon and steam asparagus to taste.  Since it’s not sushi, I actually take my salmon to 155 degrees, and I like my asparagus pretty tender, so I steam for 12 minutes.

The dill sauce is three parts mayonnaise and one part dijon mustard.  Add two parts lemon juice, and one tablespoon dill.  Adjust proportions to taste.  Mix until smooth.  You want an even balance of mustard, sour, and dill.  If you can’t taste one of the three, add more.  I like mine mustard-y with lemon and a hint of dill.

It’s an extremely easy and quick sauce to make, and tastes wonderful.  My sous chef made it perfectly from memory on her first try!


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