Cooking from the last two weeks



The grocery bag posts seem to be quite popular, according to the site stats.  Another one is going up soon.  But I thought that first I’d share the results of the last two grocery bags.

As a reminder, here is the haul from two weeks ago:


I don’t have pictures of the salmon and asparagus, because I was in a hurry that night and just wanted something easy.  See the “Easy Dill Sauce” post for more details.

After having the disappointing risotto at Six Penn, I decided it was time to make risotto again.  Especially since my steak au poivre recipe involves having boiling flavored water handy anyway.

First, I diced one onion:



and caramelized it:


And then did about twenty other things to turn it into a wonderful sweet and sour onion sauce.  Meanwhile, I was broiling the filets, and making a portobello mushroom risotto:


As you can see, the rice has lost it’s rice-ness, and become nice and creamy, the way a risotto should be.  I then added the filet (which was slightly over; got distracted):


And then the sauce:



It was very yummy.  Here is a more perfect filet from the next night, when I was paying closer attention to the meat thermometer:



Here is the grocery haul from last weekend:


I’m trying to duplicate the Giant Eagle pasta salad, because they don’t make it very well, sometimes don’t have it, and sometimes the tomatoes are downright rotten.  And because I want it made just the way I want it (no cucumber, al dente pasta).  Here’s my first attempt, which was pretty good but still needs work:


The other thing I made was Chicken Satay, with this recipe I got from a coworker:


It was really good.  The flavors were different from most other chicken satays I’ve had, but that wasn’t a bad thing.  This one reminded me of Tom Kha Gai, one of my favorite soups.  In fact, if I make it again, I’m adding a bit of lime juice and some serrano peppers.  And it’s really easy, too.  I marinaded it for 24 hours before grilling.  Oh, and next time, I think I might use some cornstarch to thicken the marinade so it sticks a bit better.


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