Cooking with the Sous Chef!


Dinner was lamb stuffed with feta, and lemon and bay leaf grilled shrimp.  We also made the asparagus with dill sauce again:


The shrimp was marinated for half an hour in the fridge, and turned out excellent.

The lamb and shrimp recipes were actually chosen semi-randomly from her 2005 Cooking Light cookbook she picked up for $1.  The asparagus has been seen on here before; it’s one of her favorites:

This plate actually worked wonderfully as a reasonably, healthy, easy to make surf-and-turf plate.  We didn’t want to do anything too fancy because we were in her kitchen instead of mine.

The unplanned pairing worked out great, due to the fact that we realized as we were eating it, that there was lemon in everything.  Picking a single flavor as a theme is a great way to find things that work together.

The lamb is essentially just thin lamb steaks wrapped around feta and lemon rinds, then topped with lemon juice and white wine, and slowly cooked at 250 degrees.

The shrimp is marinated in lemon and thyme, salt and pepper, if I remember correctly, then broiled with lemon and bay leaves.



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