Saturday Groceries and Lunch

Lunch first!  It’s the pasta salad from last week:


I might post a recipe some time, but you can probably figure out how to make it just by looking at it.  The only things you might not get are the dressing (Italian), and the paprika and sesame seeds.

Here are the groceries for the grocery voyeurs out there:


Sorry it’s a bit blurry, I didn’t notice until I got around to posting it.  $65, though about $15 of that is the two spice bottles (cinnamon sticks and cloves).  See if you’d like to earn $15 instead of spending it, but I digress …

These are the ingredients for two recipes.  One is going to be a variant of the Spanish Chicken I recently reblogged (  The other is lamb vindaloo.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made it.  I’m going to use my own recipe, but I will be referring to the following recipes for ideas:

I rarely cook from one recipe; I usually use three or four and combine them with my own ideas.


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