Last Night’s Cooking Adventure


I already posted a picture of the Lamb Vindaloo, so here is the Spanish Chicken:20140802_195401

First, let me get some references out of the way.

The groceries for both dishes are here:

The Lamb Vindaloo is here:

And the Spanish Chicken is a modified version of this recipe:

I was actually cooking both at once, which was a bit of a challenge since I was hungry so I wasn’t doing mise en place.  Lots of fiddling with the temperatures to make sure nothing cooked too fast or slow.  Once you have a good ear for temperatures, though, you develop a knack for it.  Higher pitch = smaller bubbles = lower water content.  Intensity of noise = rate of steam formation/water loss.  Quiet = no water left = burning imminent.

Started several hours earlier by marinating the lamb in serrano chilies, vinegar, water, and sugar:


The started on the chicken, dicing an onion, a red bell pepper, and dousing the chicken in paprika and spices.  Also cut up the sausage, and the potatoes for the vindaloo:


Brown lamb and toast the seeds in peanut oil.  These are, if I remember correctly, sesame, cumin, fennel and anise seeds.  There’s some salt and baking soda on the lamb to assist with the browning.  Once it was browned, the onion was added and sauteed, then the pan was deglazed with the marinade from the lamb.  Add potatoes, cayenne pepper, lots of cumin, and various other Indian spices.


Meanwhile, I kept adding ingredients to the spanish chicken (it is quite an easy recipe):



Here’s the original picture for comparison:

I made a couple adjustments to the recipe to suit my personal tastes and preferences, and to simplify things a bit.  No sundried tomatoes, and feta instead of creme fraiche.  It was quite tasty.  I would give it three thumbs up if I could.

The vindaloo got diced fresh tomatoes and a can of stewed tomatoes, and then stewed for a couple hours:


It turned out awesome.  In fact, I have more food than I can eat.  Going to have to freeze some, give some away, or take some in to work …



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