Best of Dice One Onion: August Edition

I want to post some links to some of your and my favorite blog posts from July.  There are things either some of you found interesting, I found interesting, or my friends and family found interesting.

But first some interesting statistics (today’s word of the day: interesting):

90% of views (all time) are from the United States, with 10% in Norway, 3% Canada, and half a view from the UK.  Numbers don’t add up because I’m doing the math in my head and prefer accuracy to precision.  If you are smart, you can guess the total page views.

About Dice One Onion is by far the most popular page, so I’ve updated it a bit to be more accurate about what the blog currently contains.

1 person found my blog while searching for Kennedy’s Irish Pub.  I hope the post helped them out.

Most of my traffic comes from Facebook (friends and family), though searches and re-blogging are starting to become significant.

Ok, now for five posts worth reading, if you only read have time to read five:

Snarky Cooking Science Post – Despite the title, this is actually a fairly serious and technical discussion of how to create healthy, delicious, low fat sauces.

Last Night’s Cooking Adventure – My first detailed post about what I cooked, and how I cooked it, with pictures.

Cooking with the Sous Chef – Cooking is always more fun with someone else.

BLTs and Hamburgers – Three healthy (sort of), tasty (very) dishes that use shared ingredients carefully in order to avoid wasting food.

What Should I Cook Next – The previous winner is here: Lamb Vindaloo.  How it was made is in Last Night’s Cooking Adventure, above.



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