Osteria 177 – Annapolis, MD

Since I just got back from traveling, I guess we should play “Best Meal of the Trip”.  And the winner is:


Osteria 177, a fancy Italian place near the historic section of Annapolis.  We wanted to go to the Iron Rooster that night, but it was closed to have work done that night, and the people there suggested Osteria instead.  I had the something something something Pollo, because I love artichoke hearts and mushrooms, and it was excellent.

Honorable mentions: Miss Shirley’s.  This was very popular with the meeting attendees for lunch.  They have some interesting trendy twists on southern food.  The first time, I had the half and half barbequed chicken grilled cheese sandwich and Caesar salad:


The sandwich was decent, but the salad was excellent.  The second time I was in the mood for a burger:


Nearby is Lemongrass, a pretty good Thai place:


Down the road a bit is El Toro Bravo, which had excellent, flavorful Mexican-American food (I refuse to use Mexican for a restaurant that doesn’t have a mole on the menu):


But I think the second best meal I had was the Veal Francaise at Cafe Normandie:


Like the winner, a few simple ingredients with a well executed sauce makes for a wonderful meal.


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