Chinese Spareribs

These are from page 6 of the Jan-Feb 2018 issue of Cook’s Illustrated.  They’re a fair amount of work, but they turned out really really tasty.


I made a couple of changes to the recipe, though.

I took the marinade and put it into a freezer bag with the ribs, and used it as an overnight marinade.  Then instead of braising, I put it in my sous vide setup for four hours at 160 degrees.

One thing that really annoyed me is that the recipe says to pre-heat the oven to 425, then has over half an hour of steps before the oven is used.  It doesn’t take ovens THAT long to preheat!  Especially since, like most recipes that brag about how quick they are, the times are on the low side.  It was more like 50 minutes before I had the glaze thickened and the ribs coated.

I think with the overnight marinade, they probably turned out better than the original recipe.  After slicing through the rib, you could see that the very flavorful marinade had penetrated about an eighth of an inch into the meat.  And doing them sous vide before roasting made them very juicy and tender.

This recipe is going in the recipe binder.


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