Sous Vide Burgers

I was skeptical about this one … but they turned out awesome:


I don’t remember exactly what temperature I used, but they were cooked for three hours and then patted dry and seared in a cast iron pan for a minute or two on each side.  I used prepared patties, which had a tendency to be a bit dense and curve as they cooked, so I had to flatten them out again.  Next time, I’m making my own patties and putting a dimple in the center so they don’t curl.

Crispy on the outside, and pink in the center, without having to worry about food poisoning because they were cooked through for a sufficient time and temperature that they were basically pasteurized before being seared.  The only other issue I had is it’s hard to get the cheese melted because they cook extremely quickly.

By far the easiest, safest, and tastiest hamburgers I have ever made.


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