Chicken Wings!

If it’s Superbowl time of the year, you are guaranteed to see lots of food blog posts about chicken wings!  And you can avoid having to order a week in advance by making your own, which isn’t that hard.


I was looking into actually finally getting a fryer so I can fry things from time to time.  I very rarely fry anything, but once or twice a year there’s something that needs to be fried (sous vide wings are also excellent, but they aren’t crispy).  And even a 500 degree oven doesn’t get things *quite* as crispy as a fryer.

Anyway, while researching fryers, I discovered that air fryers are actually a thing:


It’s actually pretty convenient for frying small batches of things without having to deal with large quantities of hot oil, which is the main reason why I never fry anything.  20 minutes below what’s essentially a glorified hair dryer turns chicken wings into glorious crispy morsels 🙂  It’s supposed to be healthier, too, since there’s no oil involved.  I was actually pretty impressed with how well it worked.

The sauce is the classic Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and butter.  I actually go a bit light on the butter which makes them healthier and spicier (both good things):


Toss and combine with your fried wings, add some blue cheese dressing, and you’re done!


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