Overly complicated recipes are often overly complicated.  The best recipes feature a small number of excellent ingredients, and let the excellence of the ingredients and the appropriateness of the pairing drive the success of the dish.

The exception is of course the egg.  It’s one of the few raw ingredients that can be made into a large number of delicious one ingredient recipes.  Most other recipes need at least two, and Raclette needs exactly two.


This was actually a fast batch for lunches this week.  But it was still awesome.

Raclette is Swiss, which you should have guessed since one of the two ingredients is cheese.  The name of the cheese is the same as the name of the recipe.  The only hard thing about the recipe is finding the cheese, but most high end grocery stores carry it now, so it isn’t too hard to find.  The inspiration was literally, “oh, look!  They have Raclette!  I should make Raclette!” while looking for another cheese.

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Find a place to buy Raclette.  Buy it.
  2. Get a bag of red potatoes, and boil them for half an hour.
  3. Cut the potatoes in half (rocket science, this recipe is not)
  4. Put cheese on top of potatoes
  5. Broil as long as you can resist before you get hungry.  This will NOT be long.

You can actually let it go a bit longer than I did, and let the cheese brown a little, but I was hungry.

The whole secret is that Raclette melts BEAUTIFULLY.  In fact, if the Swiss were better at marketing, Velveeta would have never existed and your nachos would be smothered in Raclette.  Which, actually, would not be a bad thing …

It also microwaves really well, so reheating the leftovers is easy.  I’ve been using 5 minutes on 50%.


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