London, England

I used to do “Best Meal of the Trip” … but now there are too many trips to keep up!

But I’ll do one for London, because London certainly has plenty of good places to eat … especially if you aren’t the one paying!


It’s also very walkable.  I often gain about five pounds per trip, just because restaurant food is much less healthy than my cooking, and I get less exercise when I’m trapped in meetings all day.  But I was surprised when I got back from London that I had only gained … one!  It’s probably because my boss and I walked several miles a night in search of all the best food …

Meal #1 that is worth mentioning can be found deep in the woods in northern Canada.  Just go to Toronto, head roughly northeast for a few hundred miles, and then climb 35,000 feet up.


Yes, the Air Canada pancakes are actually halfway decent.

When in Europe, you can actually get a decent croissant:


And this is an a chain restaurant (Le Pain Quotidien).  Not sure why chain restaurants in the U.S. can’t make decent croissants.  The same goes for fish and chips, actually.  Why is the worst fish and chips in London better than what you get at really good restaurants over here?

This is the Beef Bourguignon at Savoir Faire:


Decent but not exceptional.

Eggs Benedict at My Place Soho.  I decided to try it because I’ve never actually had it before (I try almost anything once, unless you bury it in the ground and let it rot, in which case I reserve the right to say no).  This was actually pretty good …


Next is the most disappointing meal of the trip, from Jamie Oliver, at Jamie’s Italian Piccadilly:


It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t anything special, either.  I’m tempted to make a better version myself just to prove it.

Next is the Park Terrace Restaurant, which is absurdly expensive (it’s right next to Hyde Park), but also absurdly good.  This is a strong contender for best meal I’ve ever eaten:


Everything here is just beautiful and yummy.

Course #2:


Perfectly cooked lamb chops coated with a nice herb sauce.

Course #3 (dessert) was so tasty I appear to have forgotten to take a picture of it!

Last meal was in London’s Chinatown, because, why not?


This is the Shou Pa Chicken with a side of Mushroom Glutinous Rice, at Xu:



The chicken is one of the two “classics” listed on the menu and is really good.  Looking at the characters, shou is “hand”, but I don’t recognize the other character and couldn’t find a translation in a quick search, mostly because all the search results are rave reviews of this particular dish!


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