About Dice One Onion

This blog is named after the first instruction in almost every recipe I cook.  It will have posts about what I’m currently cooking (with pictures), and the food I eat while travelling.  I also re-blog other peoples recipes and posts if I like them, though these are usually TODO notes for myself.

There’s also various commentary on the Pittsburgh food scene, Pittsburgh restaurants, and cooking in Pittsburgh in general.  You get zero internet points for guessing which city I live in.

Sometimes I take other people’s recipes, modify them a bit, cook them myself, and discuss the result.  If I do, any faults in the final product are most likely due to the fact that I am in no way a professional cook, I just play one on the internet.

I cook about once a week, typically on weekends, so there is often a flurry of activity around that time, though it may be early in the week before I get around to posting the results.  So those are good times to check for new content.  I rarely post on Thursdays, and no one ever views my blog on Thursdays, so Thursdays are right out.  It’s an odd pattern I noticed in the site statistics, and it will probably continue for a while.

Please feel free to vote on the What Should I Cook Next page.



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