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Best of Dice One Onion: August Edition

I want to post some links to some of your and my favorite blog posts from July.  There are things either some of you found interesting, I found interesting, or my friends and family found interesting.

But first some interesting statistics (today’s word of the day: interesting):

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We have a foreigner!

Just had my first non-U.S. visitor, from a strange exotic land, separated by a vast ocean and a common language.  Little known fact: the English Channel is actually wider than the Atlantic Ocean.

The cruise missile strikes in retaliation for “Almost Royal” on BBC America will impact soon.

I promise to follow these rules! :)

Rules for food blogs:

My comments:

1. This blog is primarily about what I cook and eat.  Think of it as a food diary, of sorts.

2 & 3. I’ve never been accused of not being unique 😛

4. Pictures.  Check.

5. Blogging WAY too often.  Check.

6. Maybe later.

7 & 8. Done and done.

9. Hrm.  Maybe.


Six Penn ~ Blogger Dinner

Apparently, there are special events for food bloggers. Would love to meet other Pittsburgh food bloggers. Restaurant week is August 11-17.

D&T : in the burgh

D and I have enjoyed Pittsburgh’s Restaurant Week (both summer and winter) since they started it 2 years ago, even reviewing 3 restaurants this winter for our blog. So, when we saw that they were hosting a special dinner for Food Bloggers who cover restaurant week, we jumped at the chance to go. Now, we have only been doing this for a little over 3 months and we are starting to settle in with things, but we didn’t realize how much more there was that went in to a blog. When we arrived at Six Penn Kitchen for the dinner we started to meet a few other bloggers, who immediately hand us their business cards (“oh, you guys don’t have a card? – Oops) and then, they began to ask us about how we “network” ourselves to get our blog to reach as many people as possible (you mean besides…

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