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Saturday Groceries and Lunch

Lunch first!  It’s the pasta salad from last week:


I might post a recipe some time, but you can probably figure out how to make it just by looking at it.  The only things you might not get are the dressing (Italian), and the paprika and sesame seeds.

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Saturday Grocery Bag


The previous two grocery bags were under $50.  That’s one of the reasons I like cooking for myself.  I eat incredible food, and probably actually spend LESS on food than most people do.  I actually hardly ever eat out.

This week was over $100, since I was restocking my reserves for when I don’t feel like cooking:


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Cooking from the last two weeks



The grocery bag posts seem to be quite popular, according to the site stats.  Another one is going up soon.  But I thought that first I’d share the results of the last two grocery bags.

As a reminder, here is the haul from two weeks ago:


I don’t have pictures of the salmon and asparagus, because I was in a hurry that night and just wanted something easy.  See the “Easy Dill Sauce” post for more details.

After having the disappointing risotto at Six Penn, I decided it was time to make risotto again.  Especially since my steak au poivre recipe involves having boiling flavored water handy anyway. Continue reading Cooking from the last two weeks

Sunday Grocery Bag

Maybe this will become a regular feature, I don’t know.  Cooking on Saturday or Sunday is pretty regular for me, though.  Here’s this week’s haul:


Wild sockeye salmon, asparagus, baby portabellos, filet mignon, and risotto rice.  Probably not too difficult to figure out what I’m cooking this week.